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Real Estate

Lawyers at Accord International lawyers possess vast knowledge and experience regarding real estate investments as applied to Dubai and the surrounding region. Accord International’s team of lawyers is endowed with an intricate knowledge of, and ability to interpret the United Arab Emirates laws in the area of residential and commercial establishments. This expertise is utilized when an agreement is analyzed prior to verification and confirmation with applicable law.

i. Sales and purchase agreements
ii. Lease agreements: commercial, residential, retail
iii. Tenancy contracts: commercial, residential, retail
iv. Title verifications
v. Transfer of property agreements
vi. Construction contracts
vii. Landlord and tenant advice, including dispute resolution
viii. Registration of clients as developers
News Updates
  • International and domestic arbitration at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) and the Special Tribunal for Dubai World in DIFC
  • Criminal Law: expertise in United Arab Emirates penal code, criminal procedure code, customs, immigration, traffic law.
  • Rental disputes: via extensive experience with the Rent Committee of Dubai
  • Trademark and copyright litigation